Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well this is my first ever blog...so here goes...

My name is Vicki Owen and I am currently researching 'M-Learning' and 'Mobile Technologies' within universities, with a specific focus on their uses and exploitations in libraries for Liverpool John Moores University.

Any useful articles/sites/links will be welcomed with open arms!!! And in turn I will try and keep you up to date with my research as it unfolds (this is only day 2 of a six month research project so just remember paitence is a virtue!!)

My 1st port of call today is to look at the logisitcs of 'Laptop Loans' - I'll let you know what I uncover...

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  1. Hi Vicki, welcome to Aldham, well officially via the blog...have just joined Aldham Blog myself and I know we have to be strictly professional here and it's about work and research, but just hope you welcome the greeting :0)