Tuesday, 28 July 2009

M-Learning Au Revoir.....(hopefully not for too long!)

Well I can’t believe how quickly nine months has come and gone. This week is the final week of my (official) m-learning research for LJMU and I must admit I’ll be sad to see it go…

Hopefully I will be able to continue with an element of m-learning research upon return to my substantive post. I will definitely continue writing my blog but on more official terms I have been put forward to complete a SEDA Accreditation in Supporting Learning with Technology so fingers crossed that I am able to see it through! Further to this, I have been asked to write a couple of short articles about the mobile roving pilot I have overseen here at LJMU over the past 3 months (Refer and MmIT – CILIP stuff!) so all being well I should be able to start disseminating the project to a wider audience.

So what have been the highlights over the past nine months?

*Starting a blog
*Overcoming the hurdle of my first non-LJMU presentation
*Overcoming the hurdle of my first non-LJMU presentation at an international conference
*Attending LILAC for the first time (and getting my first article published)
*Attending m-Libraries for the first time (and going all the way to Canada in the name of hard work – with the possibility of having a paper published in the next m-Libraries book)
*Graduating – MSc Information and Library

Over the course of the research I have developed professionally on a huge scale, I feel as though I have found my ‘niche’ in the library/educational technology world and would love to be able to follow the m-learning route in a library, learning and development setting. I have gained great confidence when delivering presentations and would love the opportunity to develop these skills in student support contexts also. I love keeping a blog and interacting with fellow ‘tweeters’ on Twitter also – tweeting at conferences is definitely something I have started to see the benefits in!!!

It’s such a shame all good things have to come to an end. Hopefully it won’t be for too long though…


  1. Vicki:

    Just wanted to let you know I have been quietly following along some of your blog posts and have enjoyed them immensely. Congratulations on graduating--you have done a lot of hard work.

    I particularly found your case studies on mobile learning particularly interesting.

    Best of luck in what comes next!


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